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Travel System Baby Girl Lightweight Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo Black

Travel System Baby Girl Lightweight Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo Black
Travel System Baby Girl Lightweight Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo Black

Travel System Baby Girl Lightweight Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo Black    Travel System Baby Girl Lightweight Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo Black

Travel System Baby Girl Lightweight Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo Black. System provides a one-step, secure attachment of infant car seat to stroller.

Ultra-lightweight stroller weighs less than 17 lb, perfect for moms on-the-go. Parent's tray with cup holder and storage holds your essentials for on-the-go convenience. Childs tray with cup holder removes so getting your child in and out of the stroller is a breeze. Stroller folds with one hand, so your other hand is free for baby. 2-position reclining seat, so you can adjust to find a comfortable position for your child. Canopy shades your child and peek-a-boo window let's you sneak a peek at your little one at any time. Stroller now holds a child up to 50 lb for years of comfortable strolling. Convertible 3- or 5-point harness provides security and peace of mind as your child grows. LX Travel System features an ultra-lightweight, fully featured stroller and Graco's SnugRide? Weighing less than 17 lb, this stylish stroller features a parent's tray with storage, a cup holder and a large storage basket to keep all your essentials close.

The child's tray easily removes for no-fuss stroller entry, and the one-hand fold provides on-the-go convenience. The included SnugRide 30 goes from car to stroller with ease, attaching directly to the stroller with a secure, one-step attachment. Ride longer with LiteRider LX, as it holds your growing child up to 50 lb! 30 Infant Car Seat, rear facing from 4-30 lb and up to 30.

Large storage basket holds supplies for your child, keeping the essentials at your fingertips while out and about. Locking front-swivel wheel provides easy maneuverability and a smooth ride when youre out and about with baby. Stroller Style: Travel System Strollers. I'm a 57 year old Grandmother that can use both items with ease!! This was a gift for a family member.

Not big or heavy, easy for her to use. Set up was easy enough, and comfortable.

So far, I love it. I haven't tried the carseat since it's for my baby that isn't here yet but I've used the stroller for my 3 year old and decided to get rid of my other strollers.

This one is so light and folds easily. I love it compared to my older, bulky stroller. I'm sure we'll be happy with the carseat as well since I've been using this brand for almost 18 years and have always loved them.

Bought for baby shower gift. Recipient loved the color and pattern! Graco is a brand I trust. I need an extra base for another car, where can I get another base?

She can't wait to use it. EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND LIGTH. Sadly at 22lb the infant seat was out grown by the time my LO was 4months, I wish they all went to 30/35lb. But the stroller is great.

One hand i can collapse and carry it whilst be holding my son in the other. Looks even better than photos in real life! It was exactly as described and the price is great. I love the car seat it's a perfect fit for car and baby. The stroller has plenty of room and is easy to handle.

I bought this for my son... I have used it up until just recently when he out grew it which was just recently...

It's light weight and it worked great for us.... I also had a 4yr old and a 8yr old and my 4yr old can carry it around with no problems... I also love the stroller to... I love everything about this travel system....

I still use the stroller until my son can't use it anymore... I love the fact that he can sit up in it and be able to play on the tray and also love the fact that it reclines and he sleeps it just fine when we are out and about on walking trips.... I would recommend this travel system to anyone I know... The base is also great as well it stayed where I wanted it and never moved... Just received mine it is perfect and nothing is wrong with it its just perfect and the price was great i love it cant wait to use it i almost cancelled it due to some reviews i read but everything is awsome of if nothing is wrong with it at all.

Adorable, lightweight, easy to store and travel, cupholder for Mom and tray for baby, seat tilts back at different angles, stroller holds up to 50 lbs. Perfect color and it's so easy to carry.

Thanks Graco, my Princess will Love it! Light weight, easy to assemble and folds up nicely! Easy to put together and very light. Love the colors pictures do no justice. DONT LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS THAT CAR SEAT STRAPS DONT ADJUST!!

This is so not true!! People need to read the directions before they post reviews that are complete lies! So surpised that people can be this stupid. Xander Literider LX Travel System. Ive only removed the carseat/base from the box, and it seems to be sturdy yet light. The cover is made of a stiff canvas like fabric, probably for the purpose of easy cleaning. The handle is comfortable and carseat is easy to carry (-infant). He's still inside so can't test that, but its a lightweight seat so I imagine it will be a breeze. I really like the color scheme/pattern, its modern and simple. We bought this for our newest addition and love it. It's light enough to throw into trunk post partum and wrangle with 3 children. However I wish it could stand up on its own. I love my literider car seat and stroller! This is so light and simple to use. The stroller I can open easily to hook my car seat into! I bought this stroller in January when my son was due, its was very easy to put together! As a first time mom I thought I would have a hard time. I love graco products, i bought my sons swing as well as his pack in play from graco. Unfortunately my son is not a big fan of the car seat its self, maybe its uncomfortable? I would recommend this item to anyone. Very Great & Easy To Put Together. My Son Is 7 months old almost 8 months old and we love this stroller and car seat it's very easy to use and he loves it better than his old one. Wow what an awesome travel set this is! Not only was the Graco LiteRider carseat super easy to install into my car the seat itself is fairly light making it easy to lift into my van. By far my favorite part about this stroller was the ability to fold it one handed. When you are holding a baby, wrangling a 5 year old, and your teenager is ignoring your struggle folding with one hand is key. The stroller is also light enough for me to lift into the back one handed. Clicking the seat into the stroller is very easy and quick making it easy to transition on the go. The stroller is also perfect for my 5 year old when I dont have the baby with me. I highly recommend this system especially if you have trouble lifting a lot of weight or need to be able to do things with one hand. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this travel system. So you're looking for strollers, and you've stumbled upon this one. The pros this Graco LiteRider LX Travel System comes in a cute gender neutral print -- and at a great price! Installation of the base is fast and easy.

You literally place the car seat in the stroller and just like that you're off! This stroller really is super light -- and folds down with one hand! Assembly was a breeze for me -- until I hit the wheels. Now the cons I understand the idea behind it, but I had a very hard time getting the pins, that keep the wheels on, on to the axel. The stroller itself only has two reclining options -- Completely flat for when the car seat is clicked in or at a complete 90-degree angle, which made getting comfortable for the walk nearly impossible for my daughter.

The ride is a little bumpy and turn radius isn't the best I've seen, but that goes hand in hand with 4-wheel strollers. Honestly, It is not a luxury stroller by any means, but it gets the job done and for the price of the system it is absolutely worth it! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this travel system!

I was so excited when the WeeSpring Parent Panel sent the Graco LiteRider LX Travel System to me to review! I loved the colors of the fabric and how light weight the entire system was. The base was easy to latch into the car latch system and the carseat clicked in and out of the base easily.

It also clicked in and out of the stroller easily. The stroller was so easy to push and it maneuvered well.

It was also easy to fold and was compact. The only thing I did not really care for about the stoller was the recline options. There were only 2 positions for the stroller seat and it did not recline very far! Overall this travel system is wonderful!

I was given this travel system to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. I really loved that this was smaller than my stroller that's seen better days, so this was a very nice upgrade without having to worry about the amount of space needed to keep in the car. It's perfect for holding baby, diaper bag, purse and 2 kids jackets.

The only con I had was the twisting handle to collapse the stroller, it's a bit awkward. The car seat seems safe and comfortable and easy to install, no issues there. Overall I was very pleased with the quality, durability and size. TL;DR: Graco's ClickConnect systems are amazing for new parents.

The car seat part of the system gets 5/5stars - though it does need a newborn head support in my opinion. It was a lifesaver when my son was born because it's lightweight and easily let me transfer him from the car to his stroller and back without straining my c-section scar or sudden lack of ab muscles. If you have an average sized baby, it should last year about their first year of life before you needs to upgrade.

I can't think of any complaints about this car seat! The stroller was a little different from what I'm used to with my current stroller, though, and I think the best I can do is list the pros and cons of the LiteRider LX and you can decide if it's the stroller that's right for you:PROS:This stroller was really easy to assemble. I did it all by myself in about 20 minutes and it doesn't require any extra tools.

This stroller is narrow enough to navigate tiny store aisles but doesn't compromise on the space for baby to sit in. This also means it won't take up your entire trunk and could even be slid in front of the backseat if need be.

The stroller is also very lightweight and easy to maneuver. The basket under the stroller is huge with the seat it its upright position. I could throw two diaper bags down there if I wanted to and still have room left over for a coat or two. This of course would depend on which style you pick out, but I received the stroller in'Rille Fashion' colors, which is a bright teal and silvery grey. It's gender neutral and has a great little pop of color without being overwhelming. The straps are easy to adjust and easy to use. Baby's tray is a decent size and removable if you need the stroller to be that much more compact. CONS:In order to collapse the stroller, one must slide in a lever and twist the handlebar.

This took a bit of practice but eventually I could do it with one hand. Opening the stroller, however is a two handed job since there is a little lock that slides into place when closed, and I had to twist the handle and pull on the strollers basket to get it to open. Ideally I should be able to twist and gravity would help finish the process. When the stroller is folded, the seat is on the outside and the back is tucked inside. This means your pretty new stroller will get dirty in your trunk or on the ground, since it does not stand up by itself when folded.

The parents tray only has one cup holder, leaving Mom and Dad to fight for prime cup space when going out together. My husband also noticed that the canopy overhung the cup holder, so when you put your cup in you have to lift the canopy up a little and when you remove said cup, the canopy smacks back down. It was annoying for a frequent sipper. The stroller does not have any shocks making it much better for a trip to the mall or somewhere else indoors, and much less comfortable for baby for an outdoor trip. The first time I used it was on a walk to the park. We weren't off roading, mind you, but stuck to sidewalks and the paved trail around the pond and the poor kiddo had quite a bumpy ride. The front wheels also got stuck on uneven pavement a couple times in the sidewalk, where my other stroller never has that problem. Similarly, the quality of the wheels themselves leaves much to be desired. They're just a hard plastic that, after less than half a mile on pavement, had completely worn down. Bottom line: This stroller is not all bad and if you're on a budget, this travel system would be great for you. If you like to do a lot of shopping and don't spend a lot of time outdoors, this stroller system seems like it was made for you. Graco is a brand I wholeheartedly trust when it comes to my baby and so for that alone I recommend it. Since 2012 I may have gone through about six strollers. From NYC, to Florida and everywhere in between, we stroll... So, I was super excited when I got to try the Graco LiteRider LX Travel System FREE as part of the weeSpring parent panel. This stroller came with a really nice infant car seat for infants to 30 lbs, a base, and a stroller... Which was easy to simply attach the wheels and go.

The design is super sleek and yes it's only 17 lbs! Being that I have been through so many strollers, I wanted to try to handle the stroller with the same familiarity as I handle the others. The car seat snaps on fast and easy, and simply detaches with a press of a button. The stroller seat comes with two different tray attachment which I love too.

While my son strolls in the upright position... He is so notably supported, I love it. The compact design makes a huge difference when walking through crowds at the mall or busy outdoor farmers markets and festivals.

The reclined position is also reclined enough to be comfortable for a sleeping baby. The only issue I had was actually with the car seat straps. I adjusted and readjusted and adjusted again and there just was not enough strap for my chubby man who in reality is a big baby at 28 lbs and very tall.

That's why I couldn't give this a full five. But I really recommend this stroller system for families.

Love the ease of use. I was so happy when this finally arrived! We have a very similar Graco stroller that we've had for over a year now and love. I got a new car so we couldn't procrastinate it anymore. This stroller is even better, they've fixed a complaint we had about the previous model which is that the basket was smaller, and the opening rather narrow which meant it wasn't big enough for our diaper bag.

The opening for this one is nice and large, and it fits my huge vera bradley diaper bag perfectly. I love that it has a cupholder/tray, it comes in handy when we're walking around the neighborhood. My son likes that the tray on the front moves, when he wants to go on a walk, he knows how to lift it and move it out of the way to crawl into the seat. The straps are adjustable, which is great because he's quite tall. The one-handed fold is probably my favorite thing about this whole stroller though. Anything that makes it easier to get ready to leave! The one handed fold means I can have my kid on one hip, fold the stroller and put it in the car, relatively easy. For putting it in our car we use the latch system, it took just a few minutes to set up and we were good to go. The carseat somehow seemed too small for our son to actually use in the car, although we did test drive him in it for a sleepy walk around the block. We did use it for babysitting our friend's infant and it worked a dream. Baby slept and was safe for the whole trip. I will say that the car seat isn't something particularly easy to carry on it's own, but I haven't found one yet that is. We ended up using the stroller as much as possible. It's a great combo for new parents, or just like us, some parents that got a new vehicle and needed some back up baby gear.

I was given this product to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel, and it couldn't have come at a better time! I have nothing but good things to say about this system! I absolutely love how lightweight both the carseat and stroller are!

I can easily carry the carseat around without feeling like its super heavy and awkward, and the same goes for the stroller. The stroller is easy to carry up and down my steps, as well as put in and get out of my car. It folds easily to make it easier to stow too.

I love that this stroller has a high weight limit and I'll be able to continue use it with my kids as they grow. The adult cupholder and storage tray is super handy, and I like that there is also a tray and cupholder for the child. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this system to try out!

Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product. When I got this product to review my daughter was alittle bit older so we weren't using the car seat connected to the stroller as much as I would've in the beginning but the few times we have used it, it was so easy to snap it on without waking my sleepy babe. The price is perfect for a lightweight stroller car seat combo too! My daughter doesn't seem to like the stroller too much (she's smaller) and can't seem to look around and be nebby like she wants to be but overall we love it. I can't fold it up fast and easy and if need be while holding her. The car seat snaps right into the bases and we love not having to switch a whole huge car seat from one car to another yet (although that time is coming soon). Overall we loved the literider travel system!

The color combo was very neutral too so it could be for a boy or girl which is a bonus for the future. A lightweight carseat that is super eas.

I loved how lightweight this car seat was. It was so easy to install in my car and easy to get in and out of the stroller. This is essential when you have a sleeping baby and I have had other car seats where it was nice so easy to do. The stroller is not great on the bumpy old sidewalks of my neighborhood but we wouldn't typically use a car/seat stroller combo for longer walks - more for inside walks or short walks.

The stroller was easy to put together but isn't fancy. I like that it is not just a stroller base but actually a real standalone stroller that can be used by itself without a car seat.

Works well for a family with other kids. There is nice storage underneath the stroller and a snack tray that attaches since my kids are always hungry. I received this Graco travel system from WeeSpring to review.

1/2 ve had great experiences with Graco products in the past and this travel system did not disappoint. It was easy to assemble the stroller.

The car seat clicks into the stroller very easily. The pattern is gender neutral and looks very nice.

Install of the base into my vehicle was simple. The car seat installs onto the base easily and removes easily. The stroller moves well over flat surfaces. I wouldn't take it through gravel or other uneven surfaces.

It's difficult to maneuver. I would recommend this system to someone looking for a system that isn't going to break the bank.

Graco is a great brand that I will continue to use for years to come. I received this travel system as a member of the weeSpring Parent Panel. With our second child, we have become more interested in finding things that get the job done and lighten our load and are less concerned about all the bells and whistles. The easy of taking this infant seat from its base and putting it in the stroller along with the stroller being so light is a major plus for us.

Travel system strollers have always been so bulky so this one was a sweet surprise! It actually took me a few tries to get the hang of opening and closing the stroller with one hand but I eventually got the hang of it (plus, I know muscle memory improves over time). The storage under the stroller and the parent tray make it better than something like an umbrella stroller once my daughter gets old enough. I also love that it reclines! I anticipate this feature being nice for a snooze.

I tried it out with my son - who's 3 1/2 and well under 50 lbs - and it worked great except that he seemed to be too tall - his head was over the head rest (he was the only one I could snap a photo of). The strolled maneuvers pretty well on paved surfaces and indoors. You can tell that it's not a high end system, but it definitely does the trick and travels easily, especially given the price. I love the colors - gender neutral but still really attractive.

Overall a good set that won't break the bank or your back! I'm a mom of three -- soon to be four -- children. For a product to stay in my home, it has to pass some high standards. I'm happy to report that the Graco LiteRider LX Travel System passed with flying colors!

I love how smoothly it rolls. It also folds easily and automatically locks (no accidental unfolding). The car seat is easy to adjust, and I love the deep hood. It latches easily to the stroller, making it a breeze to transfer baby even while sleeping. And that, my friends, is no small benefit! Overall I was very happy with the travel system. I wish the stroller folded just a tad flatter. The snack tray also feels a little thin, but that's one of the trade offs of having such a lightweight stroller! I love that the tray easily detaches for cleaning. I'd definitely give the Graco LiteRider LX Travel System five stars.

I appreciate the opportunity to test this product as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel! All opinions are my own. Lightweight, easy to maneuver, easy to adjust.

I have 4 children, two of whom ride in a stroller regularly. It's important to me that a stroller be easy to maneuver, lightweight enough for me to lift without killing my back, and easy to adjust when the toddler wants the seat reclined and up and reclined and up and reclined... I just pushed it up and it clicked into place. This stroller is very easy to push and turn, and I could do it one-handed without worrying about taking out displays. The basket is large and easy to access even when the seat is reclined.

It comes with a drink/snack tray for both the child and adult and a canopy with a little window at the top. This stroller folds very easily. You just slide a lever, twist the handle, and it folds up with barely any effort on your part. It's compact enough to fit in the trunk of my car, and if you need it to fit in an even smaller space you can just remove the child's snack tray. It's surprisingly lightweight for the size and features, and feels only a little heavier than an umbrella stroller.

The infant seat snaps in and out easily, and you don't need to install any clunky frames or bars for it. This is my new favorite travel stroller and it's staying in my vehicle from now on so I'll have it with me whenever I need it! Great stroller but not enthused about the car seat.

We live in a fourth floor walkup and I'm desperate for a decent solution to getting a baby and a stroller up and down the stairs. I really loved this lightweight stroller. It's basic but sturdy. I can imagine it will last a good while, even as the baby grows.

The car seat, however, is a head-scratcher. It's exactly as heavy as our old car seat, plus it doesn't seem as well made.

So I just don't get the point of it. It's also surprisingly small.

My 9 month old seems to already be too big to really be comfortable in it, whereas the stroller is plenty big and will probably still fit him when he's two. It's as if the two components were made for two different sized babies. Solid travel system for the price. I didn't really use the car seat, because my baby is older, but I did test it out by installing it in my car. The seat is very light, which is great.

I installed it in the center seat of my focus and didn't have any problems with space. It fit nicely next to my son's booster seat.

I really like the stroller, but I did have a few issues with it. It doesn't stand by itself when folded, the seat only has 2 recline positions and the cup holder on the parent tray isn't deep enough to keep my bottled water from falling out. This stroller is really light, so it's easier to maneuver through deeper snow on the sidewalks. I was surprised that it did better than my other stroller, because the wheels on this are smaller than my other stroller, but the lighter weight really helped with pushing it through the snow. I didn't notice a difference between the front wheels locked or unlocked in how it handled in the snow.

With the seat in the upright position, it does feel a little front heavy, which makes it a tiny bit harder to lift up the front wheels to get it over uneven sidewalks, but it's not too bad. I don't take my diaper bag on walks, but my son's backpack fits in the basket just fine and doesn't fall out. I thought I would hate the stroller straps, because you have to puzzle 2 pieces together (the shoulder strap to the waist strap), then snap to the crotch strap if you want to use the 5-point harness instead the of 3-point harness, but it was a lot easier than I expected. I like the cushioned handle and it is easy to push with one hand.

Even with my few little issues, this is a solid stroller that I really liked a lot more than I thought I would. Lightweight and easy to use. When I first got this travel system I was surprised at how few parts there were that had to be put together.

The stroller is really lightweight and folds and stores very nicely. While my little girl is no longer an infant, we did not put her in the car seat, but we did put it in the car which was far easier than her infant car seat. The car seat seems snug and durable, it also appears as though it would be easy to clean which is a plus! Overall, this travel system seems like a very good value for new parents who need an easy, safe way to get their children where they need to be. I love this light weight stroller! I was given this travel system to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel and I really do like it a lot.

The things I love about it are: it is super light, easy to carry, has a modern design, it is sturdy but sleek and has a carrier that attaches so it can grow with your child from birth. Its size and tight turn radius make it perfect for trips to the mall, museums and places where you definitely need a good stroller but don't want to take up too much space. The only reason I gave this 4 stars and not 5 is because the wheels are plastic so this is pretty much for smooth sidewalks and indoor trips.

Best Travel System I've ever used! Recently Ive been shopping around for a new travel system so when weespring gave me the opportunity to try this travel system as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel i was so excited! Being a mom of two who's always out and about is so hard when you don't have the right baby gear, the whole day could could turn into a disaster. I think we've all been there, but the Graco LiteRider LX Travel System made my life 10 times easier! Not only is it the lightest travel system i have ever encountered but it was also so easy to handle, which is super important for my lifestyle.

Being able to fold it with just one hand is amazing and genius!! My outings with the kids have gotten so much easier since using this product. And being able to just take the car seat out of the car and place it right in the stroller without disturbing my baby if she is sleeping is also a huge plus, its so easy to do.

The fabric is so soft and cozy for my baby and this travel system overall feels very durable. I know the Graco LiteRider LX Travel System will last my family for a long time. Thank you to weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this travel system to try and review! This system is easy to assemble and is good for the value. It doesn't feel like the best quality but you do get everything you need in one bundle. You even get a parent try and snack tray that's all included. It's easy to use; the car seat clicks easily into the stroller and the base. Taking it out is a little trickier from both but you get used to it.

This stroller is lighter that a lot of travel system strollers but not as light as a true light weight stroller. The basket is a good size especially in comparison to other light weight strollers.

I'm not sure if you're giving up the quality of the materials for the lightness but the material feels a little cheap and not soft and the canopy on the car seat can be pulled off very easily since there are only a couple of small velcro strips that hold it to the back. The stroller is made with the same material. It is easy enough to fold and unfold but its not quite as'automatic' as other strollers. To open it you have to make sure the latch on the side is unclipped. So it's not a quick one button release. It is not a self-standing stroller when it is folded so you do have to lay it flat on the ground. It's also not the smallest fold either.

Also when you want to put the seat on the stroller more up right you have to push the seat in and make sure that the two clips on the side lock into place this requires using two hands. Most other strollers you can just push it until it clicks automatically into place with one hand without having to manually line them up and put them into the correct place. The stroller maneuvers easily on most surfaces. The canopy on the stroller is small and doesn't provide as much coverage as others.

If used with the car seat you can use both the canopies from both to cover the baby entirely but for an older child that's just using the stroller it leaves something to be desired. It is easy to put your child into and out of the stroller. Overall it's a good basic travel system that comes with everything you need. There are not a lot of bells and whistles with this system and I wouldn't classify it as luxurious; but if you're looking for an economical system that will get the job done this is it.

I've gone through multiple strollers and car seats over the past few years, and this is one of my favorites! The car seat can go up to 30lbs, instead of the fairly common 22lbs. The handle has the basic 4 positions, but, this one doesn't require the handle to be down in the car! For momma's with multiple children I have 4 little boys! , having one less thing to remember to do when making sure everyone is buckling up is awesome!!

The canopy on the car seat is large and when it's on the stroller, the baby can be completely shaded. The car seat also lasts 7 years from the date it was manufactured, which is found on the car seat. This car seat has the harness tightness adjuster strap in front, to make it easier to buckle in baby and then adjust the tightness.

When you've used car seats that don't have that option, you realize how necessary it is!! The handle is all plastic, with no rubber grip, which has pros and cons. Pro: it doesn't turn into that sticky rubber after a few years. Cons: it's nice having that extra grip. Overall, easy to install and I love the car seat!

The stroller is light weight and does close easily with one hand. It doesn't stand up on its own, so you have to lay it on it's side to store it. I find the tray gets in the way of storing it upright.

Either the tray touches the ground and no momma wants a dirty snack tray, or the handle touch the ground. When it's wet out, neither one is really a good choice. Opening it back up requires one hand to release the latch, and the other to pull it open, easily done. The seats reclines by using both hands to release the latches.

Putting it back to the upright position just requires pushing till it latches again. The basket underneath is a normal size. There are snack/cup trays for both child and parent, which is awesome! The brakes work well, and having the option of locking the front wheels for bumpier terrain is nice. I wish the 5 point harness on the stroller was a bit easier. I find when I'm doing it back up, the top straps come out of the waist buckle part too often, and that takes more time to buckle up squirmy toddlers. Otherwise, it's easy to buckle and unbuckle. The car seat latches on and off the stroller easily with the release. The little fabric flap on the stroller is perfect for checking on your child! I love the neutral design of the stroller and car seat, and how easy it is to use overall. I was given this travel system to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel and I love it!!! As a mother of three (8, 6 & 10 months) I've had my share of infant seats and strollers, but this was the first time the two actually went together. I love that I don't have to take my baby out of his carrier to move him to the stroller; the carrier attaches directly to the stroller. Very convenient when baby is sleeping! Now to break it down??? You can fold/unfold the stroller with one hand and it is quite compact. The only complaint I have is that the stroller doesn't stand well when it is folded.

No matter which side I tried to prop it up on it still fell over. This travel system still deserves five stars, it is that light!

This stroller is super lightweight. It's so easy to take out of my trunk. I love that it folds small unlike other strollers I have this one leaves room for groceries. One thing I would change is for the tray to be removeable more easily. This stroller is super lightweight compared to my graco pace travel system. It's easy to maneuver and steer. I can easily fold and unfold the stroller with one hand. It's not bulky and easy to lift into my trunk. I've used this travel system quite a few times to take my newborn on walks with my 20 mo old.

I had no issues attaching the car seat to the stroller as I already own a snugride car seat. The car seat straps do have to adjusted from the rear, but as mentioned before this was not an issue for me since I own the same car seat. The parent tray is sturdy and a great feature that is sometimes difficult to find in lightweight strollers. The canopy shade keeps my newborn safe from the hot Florida sun. Assembling the stroller was pretty easy, my only complaint was attempting to attach the canopy to the stroller.

I had to ask my husband for help and it took him a while to figure out as well. Overall, it took approximately 15 minutes to assemble. My complaint is the child tray is a bit difficult to remove and I wish this stroller had more reclining features. This stroller only lies flat or sits up at 90 degrees. Overall, I would recommend this product to a friend as it gives you the most bang for your buck.

Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel and Graco for providing me with this? Because who likes lugging those baby car seats around anyway? This stroller is suprisingly light and I can set it up with a 1 handed twist! The car seat comes right out of the base in the van and clicks on the stroller in one easy motion. There's cup holders for me and the babe (when he's riding in the stroller without the car seat).

This print, Rille, really makes the difference though. Who is tired of the giraffe, monkey, or elephant prints on EVERYTHING? This Rille print is a timeless, contemporary blue and grey dot pattern. Thanks to the weespring parent panel and Graco for providing us with this travel system for our honest review! Graco Stroller for Moms on the go!

I want to thank the Wee Spring Parent Panel for giving this travel system to us for free to review! We absolutely loved this product! In the box you get the infant car seat and base along with the stroller frame, wheels and wheel axel.

There are only a few pieces you have to put on the frame then you have your stroller. It took me less than 10 minutes to get everything on and it was super easy! I like that it is light and easy to open and shut with one hand.

It made it easy for me to take my daughter, dog and stroller out for a walk and down the steps of our building. The material is soft but durable and easy to clean if needed. I also like how the shade clicks in place and stays in place. The infant car seats straps are easy to adjust with your growing baby. As well as the strollers straps are easy to adjust too! Pros:-Light Weight-Easy Open and Shut-Durable and easy clean material-Easy to connect the infant car seat from the base to the stroller-Very easy to maneuver through smaller stores-Cup holder and catch all dish for Parents-Cup holder and food dish for kids too. Cons:-Only two seat adjustments sitting strait up or laying downIf you are looking for a travel system that is light weight and easy to use, this is your stroller! I received this travel system from the weeSpring Parent Panel and loved it! We bought a Graco travel system for our oldest about four years ago and this travel system is about the same, but with way more improvements. I love that you're now able to use the latch system to install the base for the car seat. The latch system makes the install much quicker and the base makes taking the car seat in and out of the car a breeze.

My favorite part about the travel system is how lightweight it is and how easy it is to use. It makes going out with my two kids so much easier. The stroller is very compact and fits in the trunk of my small Kia with room to spare.

The stroller is also very easy to maneuver. Last but not least, the design and colors of the travel system are so cute. I definitely recommend this travel system to all parents. There's a lot to like about the Graco LiteRider LX Travel System.

The car seat itself is surprisingly light, as is the stroller. We were ready to go - with car seat installed and stroller folded in the trunk - in less than 20 minutes. The stroller itself folds and unfolds easily. Overall, the travel system is portable and easy to manage. Where the system falls short for me is how it handles.

On anything other than smooth surfaces it is a bumpy ride. Out and about in my neighborhood I had to pay attention to sections of uneven sidewalk, where I needed to lift the front wheels to clear any slightly bigger bumps. But for the mall, grocery store, eating out, the stroller is perfect.

The car seat is a basic SnugRide, and it gets the job done. My baby is perfectly happy in it. It does require you to rethread the shoulder straps as your baby grows, but it's pretty painless to do. Overall I give this travel system four stars for the ease of use and portability. Lightweight and convenient system, ok car seat.

So I needed a stroller that I could pop open quickly (sometimes holding my infant) when getting in and out of the car and be quickly on my way. SO I was grateful to be sent this travel system by weeSpring Parent Panel to use as my travel system. I love the stroller but have a less desirable relationship with the car seat. PROS:- A truly lightweight system!

The stroller is easy to lift in and out of my car, and also to bring up my front stairs (the latter even with the car seat installed). I would consider using the stroller on my next trip with baby by plane. The car seat unlatches easily from the base in the car and clicks into the stroller. This is super important when carrying a sleeping infant out of the car in the car seat and clicking the seat gently into the stroller without waking baby. The first few times I struggled a bit unlatching it from the base in the car, but by the 4th time it somehow just worked. Assembly was relatively ok - This is the fourth stroller I assembled, and relative to the others was moderately easy to assemble.

It took me 20 minutes to attach the base into the car -- not the easiest instructions to follow, but I was able to look at some good tips on YouTube. Storage - the under seat storage area plus the parent tray and child tray together allow the stroller to hold your diapers, drinks and snacks. The under seat basket is not super deep, and so will not hold a large diaper bag, but it can accommodate a small backpack or medium diaper bag. Storage on a stroller is super important - and for travel (albeit not grocery shopping), this stroller provides enough places to store the basics. Wheels: I received this stroller the day before a snow storm.

When the swivel wheel lock function is in place, I was able to get through some of the snowy sidewalks. I'm talking about modest snow fall of 2 inches. Don't expect any stroller to get through a blizzard.

The back wheel brakes work really well. I was able to fold it multiple times with one hand while holding my baby. I was able to unfold it only 50% of the time with one hand. Sometimes the catch would not release easily when I tried to unfold it with one hand.

Stroller is easy to maneuver, smooth and light. Also, it handles bumps well because of the suspension system. This is great since baby is not woken up or jolted from bumps in the sidewalk. Canopies: The canopy on the car seat plus the canopy on the stroller work well together to shade the car seat when it is sunny or baby is sleeping.

The canopy on the stroller shades the baby well when in the seat. (I use an extra swaddle blanket when baby is in the recline position to fully block out direct light). CONS- The car seat straps are hard to adjust. There is no simple way to adjust the fit i. To tighten or loosen the straps once the baby is buckled in.

This is a major flaw relative to other infant car seats on the market. I also would not use this for a newborn since it is too hard to adjust, there is no newborn head/body insert and no shoulder strap pads.

Tray doesn't swing open on stroller - eventually, when my baby is a toddler, she won't be able to climb in or out on her own. Some people may prefer this i. The toddler can't escape while the parent is occupied - Recline of stroller seat -- there are only two recline positions: upright or sleeping/down. On my other stroller, I mainly use the in-between recline (meaning slightly back), which my baby seems to prefer.

The stroller does not stand up once folded. In other words, once folded, you can only lay it on the ground. Materials - I've only used this in winter so far. I would suggest putting a swaddle blanket on the stroller seat in summer since the material is not very breathable.

You can't put anything on a car seat (safety issue), and so baby may get hot in the car seat. Overall, I would recommend this travel system as a lightweight and easy to use stroller and car seat combo when on the go frequently. Great Budget Friendly Travel System. I received the Graco liteider LX Travel System from WeeSpring Parent Panel. I was so excited to open the box and find easy assembly.

Pretty much just unfold, pop on the wheels, and you're ready to go! My first thought when I unfolded the stroller was how large the storage basket is. Very easy to get to as well. I popped my three year old in and took her for a stroll. The recline does take a bit to get used to.

It's not a one hand job. It's a stroller that will fit in any vehicle. The infant car seat is great. Easy to adjust and simply snaps in to the base or stroller. No need to disturb a sleeping baby. It has a fairly good sized canopy to shield baby's face from the sun. Great budget friendly travel system! Easy carseat to stroller for on the go. I love this system easy when on the go. In and out grocery runs.

And my baby fits well in the car seat. I just bought this syatem on Wednesday and I love how light weight the car seat and stroller are.

It has a smooth ride for baby. One is the basket is to low setting for mutli shopping bags, there is not enough room for a diaper bag and shopping bags. I also did not like that the canopy on the car seat can not come off to be washed, and it handle is a little to thin for a car seat canopy, the car seat canopy slides down to one side instead of staying in one place, making having extra car seat toys on the car seat out of the question. I love that the straps for the car seat can be hiden and the straps kept in place. The base to the car seat is even light weight!!

I love that the car seat is super light weight making having my baby in there happy. Easy For Mom To Carry, Comfortable For Baby. This ultra-lightweight stroller is easy for mom to carry without assistance. This works out so much better for our family. I also wouldn't underestimate the fact that it has a snack tray that is removable. A few strollers that I looked at while pregnant didn't have it and that was a necessity for me. I'm also grateful for the peek-a-boo window in the canopy part because I'm always checking in on my little one so this gives me piece of mind. Overall, I love the ease and use of this stroller and car seat, my son is super comfortable and that makes us all happy!

I would love to see if the handle of the car seat could be contoured a little more or had some kind of cushiony feel to it to help have a better grip as my child gets older and heavier. Otherwise, this is an excellent choice for a first time or seasoned parent! I love this travel system. I've always loved Graco products for my babies, but the LiteRider LX stroller travel system was very easy to put together and use. It is also very light.

It's the lightest stroller I've ever used, and I just love it. The swivel wheel makes for easier maneuvering, and the one hand fold and parent tray are super convenient and much loved features as well. I look forward to using this as my little one grows.

The carseat base is so easy to attach in the car and when needed can be removed with ease. The carseat itself is very comfortable and safe to use. When I place my daughter in it I know she is safe with no worries at all while driving.

One of the factors I love about his product is that the carseat not only snaps into the base with ease and unsnaps with ease, but it snaps and unsnaps easily with the stroller as well. I can lift my daughter from my vehicle and snap her right onto the stroller to go shopping, walking, etc. My daughter loves to sit up and see everything that is going on, but when she falls asleep I can easily unsnap each side in the back and she lays right down. Then when she wakes up I can push the back up and it snaps back on both sides with ease. This is definitely a must have for all parents! I received this system as a gift for my honest review. Great gear for new parents! I love how light this travel system is! I once had a stroller that weighed so much, and it was daunting to put it in and out of our vehicle. The stroller folds and unfolds easily, takes up little room, and is not bulky or heavy, which were all important factors since I had a c-section couldn't lift much! I like the light weight of the carrier, too. And since we didn't know the gender of our baby, this pattern is appropriate for both boys and girls. The carrier wipes clean and has a nice canopy that helps block the sun and excess wind. After three babies, I think we found an affordable system that will grow with our youngest! I'd definitely recommend this to new parents! I was provided this product gratis to help facilitate my personal review. I had the opportunity to try this complete set of car seat and baby walker and I must say, it is excellent, well spacious. My son is 9 months old and has 24 pounds and I was afraid at first of not being able to use it with him but it was not like that. It is spacious, comfortable and very light. It was very easy to put it together and I did not have a screwdriver and thank God I had none at home. It is closed with some pieces that prevent it from getting anything. It does not have screws because the screws it carries are already assembled from the factory. The parts in which I had to use a screwdriver was already assembled and it was only one. Then the others were done easily and manually. Supports more than I believed because on the walker I climbed my two-and-a-half-year-old son and this took him out for a walk very happily. My oldest son wears 3t in clothing and he's 36 pounds currently (I hope the fact of giving him the sizes will help them see that they can wear it after the year).

The carriage chair brings the foldable layer and easy to move. The seat belt can be passed over or under the seat (another safe way). In particular I think it is worth the investment and is useful for all. I loved my chair and baby walker set.

It is more than I expected. At first I wasn't sure if i was happy with the product. I found the stroller a little hard to install. The car seat itself is big enough for my son to fit in comfortably, but it does seem to make him sweat. I would of liked the seat to have somewhere where i could hook it up on a shopping cart. I have to place the car seat inside of the shopping cart which isn't always convenient. I think my favorite thing about this product is how i can easily connect the car seat to the stroller. I love it for those trips to the store where my son falls asleep on the way. The only thing i dislike about the stroller is how the flap to block the sun doesn't stay connected to the stroller and I have to fix it almost every time i open the stroller up. The little things can get annoying for me personally, but overall this 2-in-1 Graco LiteRider Lx Stroller Travel System is a great deal. Perfect for the on-the-go family! LX Stroller Travel System when my third child was just born. Out of all of the travel systems I have this is by far my favorite. I love that it includes the Graco SnugRide? It is easy to understand and install and I love that it provides the one-step, secure attachment of infant car seat to stroller. We are always on the go and this is the perfect travel system that doesn't take a lot of time to set up when moving from place to place. I also really love that it is an ultra-light stroller but still holds a child up to 50lbs. The stroller will be perfect as my child grows and goes through different stages. Aside from the ease of traveling with this system I like that it has the added storage under the stroller.

With my other two children and the baby I always have a lot of extra bags and things being carried with me so it is nice to have that storage. The car seat has a nice canopy shade and then when it is clicked into the stroller there is another shade that pulls up which helps to shelter the baby from the cold, rain, snow or sun. The stroller also has a nice cup-holder and a removable child's tray which are great for drinks and snacks. It was the perfect choice when my son was born and as he grows!

EASY TO USE AND GREAT QUALITY. That said it was an easy task as this is a great product that does all it can to make life with a baby easier.

For starters it is incredibly easy to use. The car seat snaps right into place and comes off just as easily. No wrestling with the stroller or car seat necessary. Secondly, I LOVE any baby product that can be used for extended periods of time. While baby might grow out of the car seat, the extended weight limit on the stroller makes it VERY attractive in my opinion.

I also found it very convenient to fold and easy to carry. Especially with little ones I feel like my hands are always full, so anything I can do easily with one hand is a plus. I'm on the small size so light weight is important and I had no trouble carrying this. But, unlike some light weight strollers I've seen, this one seemed very stable and secure.

I would say that my only complaint is the storage. While the storage basket is pretty sizable, I never found it particularly to access stuff from down below when a kid is sitting in the stroller.

This is pretty much the case for all under stroller storage, however. It would be nice if there were a pouch or two directly on the back of the stroller for small items you are going to need to access frequently.

Finally I think the aesthetics are very nice. The pattern is fun without being terribly gender specific or childish. Overall I was very happy with the convenience of this travel system and would definitely recommend it to someone else. Great for On the Go Parents.

This set is perfect for a parent on the go. While this isn't the fanciest set up, what it lack in pizazz it makes up for in ease of use and the ability for me to carry the stroller, lightweight, fold it up fast and be on my way, especially when I'm holding a toddler's hand at the same time.

I would recommend this for an easy on the go option and affordable to boot! I received this item for free in return for my own honest opinion and review. Over the years, I have tried out many travel systems for my kids.

I prefer Graco products, over any other brand, because they are high quality, affordable, and stylish. The LiteRider LX Stroller travel system is awesome! Unlike some models that are heavy and bulky, it's truly lightweight. It only takes a few minutes to put everything together and the stroller and car seat work great on their own, or as a team.

My favorite features are the canopy (wonderful on a bright, sunny day spent outside) and the front-lock wheels. I've had bad experiences in the past with wheels going haywire---not here! Other things I really enjoy are the cup holder, which works well for my coffee, and the basket under the stroller. I always have a ton of stuff to carry like a purse, diaper bag, groceries, etc.

And there is enough room for all. I would reccomend this product to another mom looking for an all-in-one system.

Lightweight and easy to use on-the-go. As a mom of an 8 month old, I was looking for a new travel system for my little girl. We travel frequently and our previous Graco travel system has been put through a lot being on the go constantly. I wanted a travel system specifically designed with convenience in mind while traveling. This stroller/car seat pair has more than met my expectations. It has the great quality that you see in Graco products, which is why Graco has become my brand of choice. And it is super easy to pack up and go. It's the one hand fold, so it's quick when you're boarding a plane or packing up the car. My favorite feature of the travel system is that it weighs less than 17 lbs. When I'm out and about, having a lightweight system is crucial. Sometimes I'm out with the baby by myself or I just need a compact solution that doesn't have extra bulk. What I love is that you still get all the storage cupholders, basket, etc. , but without all the added heaviness. The front locking wheels are also a great feature. It makes maneuvering the stroller incredibly smooth, which is another important aspect when selecting a stroller. And of course, the car seat easily clicks into the base and the stroller, so you don't have to spend extra time getting set up. I would recommend it to anyone out there looking for an affordable, stylish, and compact travel system.

Especially for those that find themselves often on the go. This stroller has been a Godsend to our family!

It came to us at the right time. We have 5 children and one of them being a toddler and so when we have to pack up 2 strollers, one for the toddler and one for our newborn baby boy, it became very difficult to do because it left us no room in the trunk of our van for groceries. We were using a very large stroller for our newborn before receiving this Graco? We can now load up our toddler umbrella stroller with our new LiteRider?

Stroller and still have room for groceries and anything else we need to take along with us. I ABSOLUTELY love how lightweight and slim this stroller is.

I can maneuver through the aisles at the store, and church and my kids' school without any hassle of bumping into things. The design makes it easy to use and the slim style can go anywhere!

Other strollers I've had have been very heavy and this Graco? Is so easy for me to lift and with the one hand open and lock feature, I can do this really quick.

I'm overall very pleased with this Infant travel system. High quality and affordable Travel System! It is a pretty affordable product but you couldn't really tell because it is very well made. I love how lightweight it feels and how easy it is to navigate, make turns etc..

Strolling is very enjoable and hassle free. It took my husband literally few minutes to put it together and it's super easy to fold you can use just one hand!

, put it in the car and take it anywhere with you. Great product at an affordable price. Being a mom of five, I've tried a lot of different products and Graco happens to be a brand that we continue to come back to for quality, affordable products.

I've been giving the LiteRider LX Stroller travel system some use and have been pleased, especially at the price point it's at. Everything you need for the vehicle, with a seat base and seat along with an easy to use stroller. One of my favorite features is that it's incredibly light weight, both the stroller and the infant seat, which you wouldn't think was a huge deal until you are carrying around an infant seat with a big baby in it, and for a stroller, it's ideal to be light weight when you need to be able to one-hand just about everything. The entire LiteRider LX Stroller travel system is incredibly easy to put together, give yourself about 10 minutes and you're ready to roll.

I like that the infant seat is easy in and out of the base for the vehicle and clicks in and out of the stroller with ease. Also, when baby is in the infant seat in the stroller you can close the canopies completely if needed to shield baby from wind, rain or sun.

When your child is old enough to be in the stroller without the infant seat, the stroller itself has a two positioned reclined. That's very easy to change and the 3 or 5 point safety straps adjust with minimal effort to get the best fit. The stroller has a parents tray to place small items and a drink, as well as a basket under the stroller for the diaper bag or handbag.

Your child also has a tray for a cup, snack or toy if desired that's easily removed for easy entry into the stroller. This is an easy to use stroller travel system, that's stylish and light weight for the expectant parents at a great price point. Travel System has been a breeze! The whole system is so lightweight, I was honestly shocked at first. I was used to using systems that are bulky and heavy, but this is super practical.

The stroller fits into my truck with ease and the car seat and base work perfectly in my Nissan Altima. I love products that can grow with my family, so long after my son cannot use the infant car seat any longer, the stroller will still work for him & our family.

I personally also love the ease of maneuvering the stroller. I have two kids, so many times I need to push with one hand and this was a smooth ride when doing so. The base of the car seat as well as the stroller work effortlessly with the car seat and snaps in without a problem. I also needed a stroller with a large basket for carrying our bags, groceries, toys, etc and this works great for that! Customer service is our top priority!

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Travel System Baby Girl Lightweight Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo Black    Travel System Baby Girl Lightweight Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo Black